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What is your email address?

Our email address is info@apog.life

How can I join your emailing list?

Join our emailing list by clicking here

Where can I find you on Facebook?

You can find the APOG Family Group here. This is where we post updates to keep you in the loop and where you can connect with your fellow APOGians. You can find the APOG Public Page here.

Festival Information

2019 APOG Map:

What is APOG?

A multi-day event with music and activities that provides all attendees the opportunity to share creativity, engage in community, and have a lot of fun.

Where is APOG?

APOG is held on 20-acres of private land tucked away in the forests of Whatcom County. Address and directions are provided to ticket holders immediately before the event.

Where can I get information about tickets?

Hop over to our Ticket Page for more info.

How do I get there?

Instructions are sent to ticket holders prior to the event. Average travel time from Seattle (without traffic) is 90 minutes. We need everyone to carpool as much as possible. Have extra space in your car? Post to the Facebook group and find some folks to share gas costs ;)

When can I arrive? When do I have to leave?

APOG 2019 opened up entry Thursday at 4 pm and closed up shop Sunday around 2 pm. We will have more information about when you can arrive to APOG 2020 soon.

Can I leave and re-enter the event?

Re-entry is not allowed. For specific questions and concerns contact info@apog.life.

What is Pack-it-in/Pack-it-out?

APOG is a leave-no-trace event, which means we are all responsible for leaving the venue in the condition we found it. Plan ahead and reduce or eliminate packaging on the items you bring to limit how much trash you produce at the event. Always bring trash and waste back to your camp and never drop garbage in the forest - especially cigarette butts (pro-tip for smokers: bring a small Altoid tin or metal container to catch ash from your butts)! Pack a few garbage bags to collect the waste you produce at your campsite. We ask that you pack your trash out of the venue and dispose of it after the event.

Is there cell service at the venue?

Most carriers have adequate coverage in the venue, though data connections can be slow. Use the excuse to leave your phone in your pocket and live in the moment!

Are animals allowed?

Animals are not allowed (except your freaky-ass self).

Where are water and bathrooms?

Bathrooms and water stations are available inside the venue.

What’s the weather going to be like?

Glorious PNW summer weather is the expectation—but check your favorite weather forecast before you arrive. We advise to bring at least one piece of rain gear, just in case.

Will you be posting a lineup and set times?

Yes! We’ll be releasing a full lineup and schedule in the lead up to the event. Until then you can see previous year’s schedules here.

Where can I go for information or help  at the event?

Information and first aid or emergency services are available 24 hours a day at the operations center adjacent to the Meadow Stage. A First Aid cross banner will be next to the door.

Will there be vendors?

There are no vendors on site. Pack all food, alcohol, and supplies you need for the entire weekend.

I am a vendor, can I still sell my crafts?

Most likely not, but there may be an opportunity to collaborate.  Do you make something cool? Tell us about it at hello@apog.life.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes (and bring some to share)! Glass is strongly discouraged for safety concerns. Please opt for canned liquids and plastic containers whenever possible.

Can I smoke cigarettes onsite?

TBD - Depending on the time of year it may present a high fire risk, which may require that we prohibit cigarettes or confine them to designated smoking areas for safety. Stay tuned for an announcement before the event. If you’ve been waiting to join Vape Nation, now may be the time.

Can I bring my bike?

No bikes. While the venue is fairly large the areas of interest are quite close together. Your bike will be of no use if you choose to explore the forest :)

Can I bring my camera?

Yes, please do. Take dope photos.

Can I bring a drone?

Drones must be registered with APOG. Please contact info@apog.life

How can I get involved?

Interested in volunteering with set-up/tear-down or helping with fun programming? Send us an email at: info@apog.life and check out the link here.

camping information

Can I bring a grill or build a fire?

Open fires will not be allowed. Propane camp stoves are allowed and encouraged. Please do not bring charcoal or wood burning grills.

Where can I get water? What about ice?

Water are available at stations located near the center of the venue. Ice is not available for sale in the venue but can be purchased from a gas station a few minutes from the venue on your way in. Please note: re-entry is not allowed.

What is the campsite like?

All campsites are walk-in and may not be close to your vehicle. Some sites are located in grass clearings, and others are tucked away in the forest. Sites are first-come-first-serve so get in early to claim your perfect spot. Some camping spots are located next to our stages and the event has a very open layout. Bring earplugs in anticipation of late-night music and/or noisy neighbors.

Can I bring a hammock?

Hell yeah! Please do not attach hammocks to trees less than 6” in diameter. Be aware that some hammocks in public areas may belong to attendees so please be respectful.

Can I camp next to my friends?

There are a limited number of campsites large enough for multiple tents, arrive early to claim one as all sites are first-come-first-serve. Please be courteous to other guests who may want to camp in the same area and share the space.

Will there be electricity in the camping area?

The entire venue is off of the electric grid and there is not power available for personal use. Pack a few battery blocks to keep your devices juiced up.

What camping gear should I bring?

See our recommended packing section below.

Will there be showers?

There are not showers available. Plan to bring shower wipes or bring your own solar shower. If you do choose to shower at APOG, biodegradable shower soaps such as Dr. Bronners are required, so please plan accordingly.

Is there parking on premises?

To ensure that there was space for everyone, APOG 2019 required a vehicle pass per car and single person cars were not allowed to park in the venue. The venue simply can’t fit all you beautiful people if everyone drives separately! Carpooling is highly encouraged and appreciated.

Can I bring a camper or RV?

Camper trailers and RVs are not allowed due to vehicle access and space constraints. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring my own sound system?

Small battery powered speakers are allowed. Please be courteous to your neighbors and move your party into the forest if you are disturbing guests who are trying to get some rest.

packing list

What camping equipment should I bring?

  • Headlamp, headlamp, headlamp. Don’t forget to bring a headlamp!

  • Reusable water bottles

  • Tent

  • Pad or air mattress (don’t forget your pump and batteries!)

  • Summer weight sleeping bag or bedding

  • Pillow

  • Camp chairs

  • Small table

  • Trash bags

  • Camp stove (propane only! No charcoal please)

  • Pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishware

  • Small popup shade (space not guaranteed)

  • Solar shower

  • Battery packs for your devices

  • Battery powered lights for your campsite

  • Cooler with ice for drinks and food

  • Propane camp stove

  • Reusable cup or mug for drinks—try to avoid disposable cups!

What are some ideas for food/snacks?

Think about quick, mess-less, nutrient-dense foods—no one wants to spend all of APOG weekend cooking and cleaning.

  • Hotdogs or brats

  • Bagels & cream cheese (add avocado and ham for balanced snack)

  • Premade pasta salads (or potato salad!)

  • Freeze-dried meals (such as Mountain House backpacking meals)

  • Sandwich fixins

  • Dried fruit & nut mixes

  • Fresh fruit - especially if you have room to chill it in your cooler.

  • A classy treat for yourself (beef wellington, lobster, Flaming Hot Cheetos, etc)

What festival gear should I bring?

  • The weirdest, most outrageous, most stupendous articles of clothing you own.

  • Reusable water bottle and/or hydration backpack

  • Lights to wrap yourself in at night (LINKS)

  • Hats & sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray (some mosquitoes share the venue with us)

  • Water mister bottles to stay cool

  • Earplugs (for sleeping and/or the wub wubz)

What should I not bring?

  • Animals

  • Fireworks

  • Weapons